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Our Chitinous Skin

Cover layout, design and lettering for Our Chitinous Skin, an independently published comic written by Ian Daffern with art by Rachel...

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The Black Pages

Working along side the very talented writer Ian Daffern and artist Frank Fiorentino, I developed the title treatment and lettering for this comics pitch (only three of 7 pages are shown here) that was sent to various publishers. This was my first foray into a a new field, and was immensely rewarding! Welcome to The Black...

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The AMY Project: Aperture

Photos of the cast and creative team were selected for the material for Aperture, which dealt with a broad range of themes and topics including the death of the feminist imagination, the perspective of filmmakers, and the voyeuristic nature of the photographic...

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Acting Up Stage: The Wild Party

Working with the team at Acting Up Stage is great — They’re eager to explore new ideas and are excited to embrace great design. This striking artwork for The Wild Party was made spectacular by the use of strong, dynamic text and splashes of vibrant colour. The dramatic photography of Cara Rickets by Adam Rankin and production shots by Rachael McCaig didn’t hurt...

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The AMY Project: Zero Visibility

Set against the backdrop of a paralyzing snowstorm, Zero Visibility explored various the various intersecting relationships of several young people.  Artwork was created to capture the themes of coldness and isolation that ran throughout the text as the characters all looked for things they seemed to have lost, both in a physical and psychological...

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